Dangerous Lover by Mary Lancaster


A danger to the world? Or just to her heart?

Alexandra Battle is desperate enough to accept a new post as governess to the illegitimate daughter of Sir Nicholas Swan, without having met either of them. Fortunately, Evelina turns out to be delightful as well as challenging, though her father, from their first encounter in the dead of night, remains a disturbingly attractive mystery.

Why does a wealthy, well-born baronet choose to live in an old, dusty house in an unfashionable area of London? What is he hiding there that clanks in the night? And who is the dying lady he brought home with him from Italy? Even more worryingly, why does he have such an effect on the prudent Alexandra’s senses?

When Evelina vanishes one day, the search threatens to expose secrets they would both rather hide, not least Alexandra’s growing feelings for her distraught employer. Alexandra asks for the help of her friends, Lady Grizelda and Dragan Tizsa, who never leave a puzzle unsolved.

But will the solution provide hope for Alexandra and Nicholas? Or will it tear her from him forever?

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Historical Romance

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