Dangerous Desire by Emmanuelle de Maupassant


One encounter changes everything.

“I’m waiting”—her voice was smooth as silk—”and I don’t like to wait.”
How she enjoyed taunting him! Did she believe she knew a man’s every impulse?
“Just remember, it is I who commands, my lord.”

When the Earl of Rancliffe suffers humiliation at the hands of the mysterious Mademoiselle Noire, he vows revenge. But his anger soon becomes obsession, as she leads him into ever more dangerous games.

As cruel as she is beautiful, Mademoiselle Noire has no intention of revealing her true identity, nor of entangling her heart.
But in a world of vice and dark desire, what does her heart secretly yearn for?

Devour this boxed set, which comprises all three darkly sensual romances from the ‘Dangerous Desire’ trilogy.

Addictive, thrilling, passionate!
Forbidden Desire
Forbidden Temptation
Forbidden Seduction


These three titles were originally published as the following, within the ‘Noire’ trilogy:
‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ (first published in 2014)
‘Italian Sonata’ (2017) and
‘Murder on the SS Leviathan’ (2021)

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