Daisy Creek Brides: Books 1-4 by Amelia Rose


Daisy Creek is bursting with romance and passion… dive headfirst into the small town with an enormous heart.
Daisy Creek is a small and simple town… but for four determined women, it’s the backdrop for romance and adventure.
Follow Jill, Mary, Daphne, and Eloise as they fight for love in four captivating stories of passion.
A glimmer of hope lights Jill’s path to Daisy Creek, where she meets widower and deputy Bill Paulson, and their love blossoms instantly.
But sometimes reality is hell-bent on testing even the strongest bond, and their love is soon put to the ultimate test.
Mary longs for a fresh start, but she’s soon met with the devastating news that sends all her plans into turmoil.
Pastor John is a shining light in the darkness — and a surprising twist in Mary’s story. A love story is about to unfurl… but it isn’t the one she expected, and she will have to deal with far more heartache before she can find happiness.
Daphne’s hopes of a happy marriage are short-lived, and her husband-to-be skips town with another woman.
Her runaway-groom’s brother, Parker, is Daphne’s rock, and she’s immediately drawn to him as he fights to track down his older brother.
But Daphne’s heart is full… When he succeeds, which brother will she choose?
Eloisa arrives in Daisy Creek looking for a simpler life. Responding to an ad placed by a small-town banker, she’s determined to follow her heart.
But Eloisa soon learns that David might not be the charming and principled man she imagined. Will he ever change his ways, or is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life?

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