Daddy’s Billionaire Best Friend by Haley Travis


When Dad’s best friend and I end up in a hotel room together, the start of my summer was suddenly a lot more exciting than I expected!

Ethan drove me home from university, and I assumed the road trip would be a fun little adventure. But due to a highway closure, he thought it would be safest for us to stay overnight in a hotel.

In the last room available. In the only bed. Together.

Naturally, I was going to have intense feelings for the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen, who touched me as if I already belonged to him. He insisted on being a perfect gentleman, but it was clear he wanted me. It was impossible not to give in to a passion that was bigger than both of us.

But was it just for the weekend? He was extremely wealthy and ran two companies. Could he be genuinely interested in me?

And if he was, which one of us would break it to his old university roommate and best friend – my Dad?

I’d never disobeyed my father before. Ever.

The only thing that mattered was the way Ethan held me, whispered in my ear, and treated me like a treasure that he was delighted to have discovered. Experiencing lust for the first time was exhilarating, but if it’s closely followed by love, it might be worth risking everything.

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Contemporary Romance

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