Daddy’s Beast Friend by Eva DeMoan


Our world changed the day the rift opened and all sorts of creatures came through. Every beast we’d once thought of as a myth became all too real. Including werewolves! Ever since I turned fourteen and realized that boys were still icky, but men were rather tempting, I’ve been head over heels for my dad’s best friend. Or maybe it was just a healthy dose of lust. But Alpha werewolf, Drake Preston, has never seen me as anything other than his best friend’s little girl. I’m eighteen now and I’m determined to tempt the wolf into taking a little taste. I haven’t saved my virginity all these years for nothing. I want the big bad wolf to be mine!

WARNING: This book contains erotic material that some may find objectionable. It is not an erotic romance, but erotica. If you want something sappy, sweet, and emotionally fulfilling, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for lots of hot, dirty sex that just happens to end with a happy ending, then you’ve come to the right place!

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