Dad Bod Wingman by Karla Doyle


Jensen: I’ve always been the wingman. The great buddy. The teddy-bear guy women lean on.

In elementary school, I was the kid passing notes between infatuated classmates. In high school, I was the guy telling a pretty girl that “somebody” liked her. In college, I was the icebreaker, initiating casual conversation with women in the bar, so that my buddies could ultimately take them home.

Tonight’s no different, even though it’s my birthday. I’m still the guy enlisted to lay the groundwork so my friend can get laid.
Only tonight is different. Because tonight, we’re in my hometown. In my bar. And tonight, the woman I’ve been asked to warm up is Bailey Burrows. That’s not happening.

Yeah, I owe my buddy. The guy invested in my business when the bank laughed in my face. But I’m still not helping him hook up with the girl I’ve crushed on my entire life. If anybody’s taking Bailey home, it’s going to be me.


*Goes live 01/11/2022*

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