Cupid's Truce by Britni Hill


Hannah Simone was happy running her little slice of heaven, otherwise known as a bookstore. Lost Between the Pages was starting the year off right with a new venture, a cozy little cocoa cart that would set them apart from all the other book retailers around. She’s determined to ignore all the pity her friends and family are throwing her way. Why? Because her ex got engaged. Big deal. She’s over him.

When the town plans a food truck festival on the same day as the cocoa cart launch, she lets it go. It’s only one day, after all. Until it’s not.

It’s every day.

Who better to take out her frustration on than him?

Jayden Crawford is only trying to help his family while his Uncle recovers from surgery. Running D’s Foodie Affair, their food truck, for a short time seems easy enough. He loves to cook, and the laid-back feel of the food truck suits him better than the five-star kitchen he came from.

He didn’t anticipate the beautiful spitfire with gunmetal gray hair who runs the bookstore he parks in front of. She’s full of attitude and it’s directed right at him. He can’t help but be amused. Which seems to set her off even more.

When a freak February ice storm hits their small town, they’re stuck together. Can Cupid call a truce between them?

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