Cross by Heather Young-Nichols


A sexy drummer and a rock god’s daughter…what could possibly go wrong?

Indie Cinderstone

All I want is to spend a nice summer with my rock star father.
But then some random guy assumes I’m a groupie and tries to kick me out of the venue.
That’s never happened before. Imagine my surprise when I find out that the random guy is actually Cross Rhodes, the smoking hot drummer for Courting Chaos, Dad’s opener.
I don’t fall for rock stars—ever. Yet Cross quickly has me wanting to break all the rules.

Cross Rhodes

What bigger mistake could I make than to call the sexy, sassy daughter of the man could make or break us a groupie?
Oh. I could also try to kick her out of the arena.
Better yet, I could not be able to get her out of my mind. Indie is off limits.
I don’t seem to care.
Hooking up with her could definitely ruin our big break and we already have our bassist determined to do that.
Still I can’t stay away.

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