Crazy to Wed by Madison Michael


Can a Wedding Gift Derail the Wedding?

Gabriella is smart, successful and knows how to get what she wants. Whether its bringing together her friends for vacations, winning the heart of the man she wants or leaping to the top in her career. So how can she get things so wrong when she buys the man that she loves the ‘perfect gift’?

Brad loves Gabby with his whole heart, supporting her when she works into the wee hours of the morning or travels around the world. He has his music and friends, and a job he loves to keep him busy. Still, Gabby’s success can be intimidating, and her friends can be too.

When Brad wants to propose, Gabby’s “Crazy Eights,” her friends since childhood get involved, helping with everything from the proposal to the ring. They know an ideal couple when they see one.

Gabby’s ready to give up her job and spend her life with Brad. Her wedding gift to him will prove her love. Or will it.

What can go wrong on the eve of their wedding and will Gabby and Brad find a way for love to prevail?

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