Crazy Rich Monsters by Callie Vincent


The biggest secret in the Hamptons isn’t that I killed Carter Calloway, it’s how I got away with it…

When you live in the devil’s playground, you’re bound to be surrounded by monsters.

And there’s no greater playground than the Hamptons.

The day I left; I swore to never return.

Too bad fate had other plans.

Now I’m back, and so are the whispers.

Because everyone knows what I did, and nobody knows what I did more than him.

Nick Calloway is everything I despised about his brother, except worse.

Perfect, arrogant, and bitterly cruel—with eyes that have the potential for murder—and hands that know exactly how to make a girl moan.

He’s the shadow that follows me around in the dark and haunts me in the day.

But he’s not here for answers. He’s here for revenge.

Revenge on my mind, soul, and most definitely my body.

If Nick thinks he’s going to take me down, then he better be prepared, because I’ll take him straight to hell with me.

Right after I give into my sick twisted desire for him…

Because yes. I killed the prom king. The quarterback. The town’s greatest legacy.

And guess what?

I’d do it again.

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