Craving His Spotlight by Renee Dahlia


A celebrity client, an uptight CEO, one night to break the sexual tension and get it out of their systems.

Last time he was famous, Riley’s life spun out of control in a maelstrom of drink and bad decisions. So when an impulse upload of his catchy new song threatens his hard won peace, he needs help managing the lure of the spotlight. He just didn’t expect the gorgeous CEO of the PR firm he hires to be the biggest temptation of all.

Vince knows he should say no to the man behind the song that defined his disastrous teen years. The last thing he needs is a recovering alcoholic as a client; he knows first hand how addiction can destroy lives. But one look at Riley and he would do anything to protect him, as a client, and much more.

Their chemistry could incinerate a city, making working together impossible. They make a deal to indulge just once, so they can concentrate. Once isn’t enough, but the paparazzi are closing in, ready to expose Riley’s hidden identity. How can a relationship with a client end well, when Vince’s professionalism and Riley’s private life are on the line?

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