Crash into Love by Amy Stephens


Stop…in the name of love!

Lotty Lane is headed out of town to escape the trying week she’s had at work. From one too many meetings to an inbox overflowing with messages, she’s more than ready to unwind in her parents’ countryside home where she can listen to the crickets chirp and the mourning doves sing.

Bruce Bagsly is one phone call away from tossing the darn thing out the window. Except he needs it to check that his upcoming flight is leaving right on time. Packed and ready to go at the end of his work shift, he’s determined nothing is going to stand in his way from high-tailing it to the airport for a much need vacation.

When a traffic detour sends Lotty and Bruce traveling in the wrong direction, it’s up to them to figure out how to get back on course so they’re not late for their weekend getaways. But that’s easier said than done when one has a lead foot, and the other is pretending to be a racecar driver.

When these two meet for the first time in the middle of the intersection, the collision’s not as bad as it seems. Or is it? Who knew that exchanging names and phone numbers could lead to more than just information needed to file an insurance claim!

Fans of insta-love romantic comedies are sure to enjoy this laugh-out-loud story where a minor fender-bender turns into a ‘heart’-on collision.

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