Cowboy’s Nanny by Olivia Reign


One look at her and I forget my nanny’s off limits because she’s my best friend’s daughter.

I fight like hell to keep my eyes from wandering, but it’s a losing battle.

When her hazel eyes lock with mine, my heart beat races.

Her golden-blonde hair falls past her shoulders, and I can smell the traces of lavender.

The white V-neck T-shirt and tight blue jeans does her body all the favors, and I can feel every inch of softness.

My mouth goes dry as I take in the woman walking toward me. She’s almost making me dizzy.

This ranch keeps me busy, but this single daddy still has time to play.

I hired my best friend’s daughter to care for my little girl while I care for the ranch and myself.

I had no idea this is the woman she grew up to be.

I try to tell my mind to stop racing, but my heart says go.

But should I be the one to take her innocence, or is it my heart she will take?

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