Coveting Her by Jailaa West


A short MC second chance romance with a man who is all alpha reunites with the woman who got away.

Rector resisted the beautiful younger woman until he couldn’t resist anymore. Betraying his mc brother and giving in to his lust. Guilt made him push her away. But when she left, she took more than his heart.
When she left, she took his heart and the baby he never knew about.

The Roarers Motorcycle Club was everything to him. Until he met Rebel’s beautiful younger sister, Grace. He never thought he would get tangled up in her. But he did. And it changed everything. Grace was the girl who made him question all his choices, who made him want more than just the club. But she was too good for him, so he let her go… When Grace left, she took more than his heart. Hiding away their surprise baby for four years. Now that he’s found her. He wants more than his daughter. This time he wants it all: her heart, her body, her soul. And he’s never letting her go.
Some secrets can’t be kept.Grace left broken but determined. Determined to give their daughter a better life. It was a sad and lonely decision that she never regretted. Never, not when she looked at the beautiful result of their one night together. A night of unbridled passion years ago when they were young and wild – young and reckless.
Fate brings them together again. Their passion burning hotter than ever. But is it enough now, if it wasn’t before?

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