Corbin by B.L. Brooks


• CORBIN •My little sister’s friend has grown to be nothing less than a sin…

Hazel Watson is a pure vision—not to say she wasn’t one when our paths crossed nearly five years ago now…

But the girl I’m staring at certainly isn’t the knobby-kneed, curly-haired friend I recall of my sister’s, with wide eyes and giant glasses.

And the second our eyes lock, it’s clear I’m entering a dangerous game by agreeing to stay in the same house as her—and for a week.

A week of trying to resist, trying to refrain from what I know is bound to only come with time.

She’s my sister’s best friend, and I’m nearly forty…old enough to be her father, for heaven’s sake.

But I can’t seem to care or want to deny the pleasure of making little Hazel Watson all mine…


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