Close Protector by Theresa Beachman


A former Navy SEAL puts everything on the line to protect a brilliant scientist.

Dr. Sophie Ivanova lives for her work–developing ground-breaking treatments for PTSD. She’s happily chosen her career over love until one day she overhears a conversation, and her carefully constructed world comes tumbling down.

The problem? Her research is a lie and veteran lives may be on the line.

Pursued for what she knows, Sophie turns to the one man she trusts. Tyler Meyer.

Former SEAL, Tyler Meyer’s career ended when a mission went wrong. He survived, but has the scars, physical and emotional, to show for it. He’s chosen a quiet life in the depths of Alaska as a security guard, living alone, unwilling to share the demons of his past with a woman.

But when Sophie comes to him for help, the woman he’s been secretly crushing on for far too long, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

As the bullets fly and lawless forces hunt Sophie for the incriminating evidence she possesses, Tyler vows to protect her and they go on the run. But as the net closes around them and their options dwindle, will it be enough to keep her alive?

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