Claimed by the Hunter by Lynnea Lee



My name is Alice, and I live in the Bugpocalypse.

I survived my first post-apocalyptic winter, and spring is here. That’s bad news! With warm weather comes the endless swarms of deadly bugs.

I need to forage for food, but there’s just one little problem. Okay, so “little” isn’t the best word to describe the fierce Xarc’n warrior who is obsessed with me. Kaj’k is freakin’ HUGE! And his sharp claws, pointy fangs, and massive horns are scary AF.

I reject his gift of food and flowers, but my massively muscled alien hunter doesn’t get the hint. He tosses me over his shoulders and carries me to his shuttle. I expect the worst, but all he does is purr at me.


I’ve spent my entire life fighting the swarm. Genetically engineered to hunt the scourge across the galaxy, Xarc’n hunters are the ultimate predators. It takes a lot to take one of us down. Then, I meet the little human female who brings me to my knees.

My Alice is full of fire, and I have no doubt she can survive on her own. But she’s my mate, and she’s mine to protect. When cannibals and scourge threaten my female, I toss her over my shoulder and carry her to my ship.

Now that I have my mate in my arms, I’m never letting her go!

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