Claimed by Her Soldier by Penelope Wylde


Love triangles are dangerous. I know this. More so when they are between Army friends. I didn’t mean to come between them, but the damage is done.

But it’s never that easy. I’m their base nurse and there’s no walking away from my injured soldiers.

Ellis makes me feel calm, relaxed…safe. With him no one in the world would ever dare harm me.

With Lincoln, though….my heart races just thinking his name. He fires my soul and leaves me in embers. Nothing about him makes me feel calm. Safe, sure. He has enough hard muscles to defend Fort Knox, but is that enough?

But I’ve been down that road before with hot Army guys, but fires and hearts never mix.

One thing is for sure, I’m falling for them both and these Army men don’t share well. So, I’ll have to pick my soldier.

Question is, do I want wild nights of passion no matter how badly I get burned or do I want a safe life for my heart and soul?

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