Claimed by Her Mountain Man by Penelope Wylde


Remy is super pretty, super smart, and totally off limits to a man like him. But that’s not going to stop him from taking the good doctor for some Alaskan backwoods fun.

I’m all for weekend flings and having a good time. I’m the town’s playboy and settling down really isn’t my thing. I’m way too rough around the edges for picket fences and happily-ever-afters.

Until I lay eyes on Savage Ridge’s new gorgeous and sassy wildlife vet. I’ve never been so hard in my life.

Remy’s delicate hands and talented tongue have a wicked way of convincing me to do bad things in the back mountains of Alaska. Worse, the second I touch all that creamy, sun-kissed skin and tempting curves all I want to do is claim my mountain bride.

But nothing is ever that easy.

While she works to discover what is making the local wildlife sick, we stumble upon something we were never meant to find and I catch a bullet for our troubles.

Before I can claim Remy, I’m forced to fight to keep what’s mine.

There’s one thing the trespasser on my mountain do not know about me. I’m a Savage mountain man and I’ll move hell itself to protect what’s mine.


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