City of Lies by Aubrey Rose


She wants a successful future. He wants her. Can they really have it all?Olivia Davis is a small-town girl with dreams of making it in the big city. Working two jobs and determined to not let relationships get in her way, she’s dead-set on creating her perfect lifestyle no matter the cost.

Gerard Aldridge is the kind of man you don’t say no to. Handsome, confident, and successful to boot, he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of getting it. And when he sets eyes on Olivia, he craves her. She’s strange and interesting, unlike anyone he’s ever seen before. There’s only one problem: he’s her client.

Olivia knows Gerard is nothing more than a rich playboy… but she can’t help but feel his charms. She came to the city to have it all – but can she really make it work? And can Gerard fit a small-town girl into his big-city life?

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