Cinderstellar by J. M. Page


When you wish upon the stars… you may get more than you ever dreamed of.

Stella’s had enough with being the janitor at Starforge Academy—shes determined to be a pilot like her legendary mom. Joining the ranks of the arrogant “Aces” is the last thing she wants, though. They’re the worst, especially that show-off Dax who thinks he rules the school. If only the Commandant—Stella’s father—would let her enroll. Then she could put those Aces in their place. Dad’s word is law, and with Stella’s step-mother snooping around reporting back to him, she can only practice her flying skills in secret, late at night.

Dax is the Prince of Starforge—the best pilot at the Academy and son of a famous general. But Dax’s secret threatens to clip his wings: he hates his superstar status and the expectations that come with it. When he discovers that someone at the school is beating his simulator scores, he’s determined to find out who. She won’t tell him her name, but she accepts his challenge—and kicks his butt. She may be a mystery, but after their late night conversations, he thinks she might also be the girl of his dreams.

A school-wide flying tournament turns their friendly rivalry serious, and finally brings Stella’s dreams within reach. But competing will mean revealing herself to the school—and Dax, the Ace who’s soared right into her heart. As much as he wants to meet, would he still be interested if he knew her truth?

After a life lived in the shadows, Stella will have to step out of her comfort zone and into the spotlight to make her dreams come true. And if she’s lucky, maybe she’ll get the guy, too.

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