Cinderella's Daddies by Calista Jayne


Cinderella’s Daddies is a steamy, modern-day MFM fairy tale. This is a SHORT NOVELLA written in 2021. It is NOT the same as the serial I started publishing on Radish in January 2022. The character names are the same, but the expanded serial changes quite a few details and really expands the story line.

I’m dating the son of Kingston Tyler, a successful CEO. But because I work as a maid, my boyfriend treats me like a shameful secret.

When my boyfriend drops me, his father Kingston is there to pick up my shattered pieces.

Kingston is a charming silver fox, and his best friend is a wicked bad boy. Their sinful mouths fill my ears with secret desires and forbidden passion.

They both want me to call them “daddy.” It’s so depraved, so filthy. And I must be filthy, too, because I love every second of it.

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