Christmas Miracles in Holly Wreath by Rachael Eliker


He insulted her. She slammed the door in his face. Only their mutual disdain for Christmas will bring them together.
Ethan Wilder has a lot of reasons to hate Christmas, but being dumped by his cheating fiancée and ending up in Holly Wreath, Wyoming to hide out is currently the biggest. The next person on the receiving end of his bad attitude is the waitress serving him cold diner food.

Nobody hates waitressing more than Olivia Campbell, but she has to do something to pay the bills when customers at her bed and breakfast are slow. She puts on a happy face for her daughter, but after her husband walked out on them right before Christmas five years earlier, she wouldn’t mind skipping the holidays. To make matters worse, she opens her front door to discover her new houseguest is the cantankerous man from the diner with the gorgeous hazel eyes.

Living in close quarters should be unbearable, but as they share some of the simple pleasures of the holidays together, Olivia and Ethan find themselves enjoying the holiday for the first time in a long time—but when Olivia discovers just who Ethan is, only a Christmas miracle may be what keeps them together.

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