Cherry Sweet by Penelope Wylde


Just how far will the two Army Rangers go to win her heart?

I’m Jesse. The nurse everyone can always depend on. The daughter who follows the rules. And the woman who goes home alone every night.

My two patients are determined to change that. They are both gorgeous and know how to play off each other’s strength which just happens to be wooing women into their strong, capable arms.

I won’t lie. I’m drawn to them. But to crave one of my patients is bad enough, but I want both.

What they’re suggesting will surely get me fired. But I can’t stop thinking about them and when they seek me out, do I say yes? Follow my heart?

Or do I continue being the buttoned up good girl?

What could possibly happen if I open my door, and my heart to the rugged Army Rangers looking to make me their forever?

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