Cherrilicious Ink by Penelope Wylde


I’m Kaila. Big dreams, big ideas, and big love have always been rulers of my heart. That’s how it got broken not once, but twice. First time by my brother’s best friend and then again by a man that made me think insta-love could be real.

It’s not.

I’m afraid I’ll never love again, but when I return home and my brother’s best friend is there to help me settle in, I begin to wonder. Does love deserve a second chance? And did I ever stop loving him?

Diesel. He’s the drop-dead gorgeous bad boy from the other side of the tracks with the darkest eyes and a god-like body. A heartstopper who couldn’t possibly want someone as young as me again. Not after walking away from me once already.

He’s probably a player with half the town swooning over him. But the way he looks at me…maybe I’m wrong about a lot of things. One thing is for sure. My body hasn’t forgotten he can kiss me out of my clothes in a heartbeat.

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