Chasing Pebbles by Felicia Blaedel


Oliver might only get one summer, but he’s determined to make it memorable.
Frida left her hometown a year ago. When she suddenly finds herself without a place to stay for the summer, she is forced to go back. A stubborn, foolish part of her wants to show them that she can’t be broken. She’ll hold on to her anger, push the nostalgia away even if the scent of seawater and beach-roses is making it difficult.

Ever since Frida left, Oliver’s life has been a little lonelier and a little greyer, despite him staying busy to distract himself. When he realises that Frida, his favourite human, the one person who was always up for his shenanigans is coming home, he knows he has to make it right.
She’s hurting, and so much is left unsaid.

Frida is afraid to trust. Oliver can’t let go of his guilt.
Neither of them is prepared for how everything can feel the same and yet so, so different.

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