Celebrity Hero by Jo Grafford


His tour schedule doesn’t leave much time for dating, and her stint in the Marines has left her with commitment issues, but neither can deny the sweet harmony their voices make together.

After being raised in foster care, Gabe Romero is one of those rare success stories — a guy who changes his stars after going platinum on the country music circuit. Fortunately, the stage lights are bright enough to hide the emptiness in him that no amount of fame has ever been able to fill. Until a chance encounter with a woman possessing an incredible voice… Now he can’t stop thinking about the magical way their voices blend or the next opportunity they’ll have to sing together.

An ambush while serving in the Marines has left Shiloh Neeson with scars on both the inside and the outside. However, her new job at the Anderson Ranch B&B turns out to be the perfect place to rest and heal. Until a celebrity country singer stumbles across her hidden talent and sets his sights on drawing her into the spotlight with him. Though his offer is tempting, she knows that keeping a low profile is the only way to continue protecting her and her sister from a dangerous enemy.

Is it possible for Gabe to convince Shiloh that her scars aren’t a show-stopper for a guy like him? Can she trust that a traveling musician might just be the one man in her life she can finally count on? And how can he get her to understand that every love song he’s written lately is actually the way he feels about her?

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Clean & Sweet Romance

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