Cedar Cove Cowboys Complete Collection Books 1 – 6 by Jenna West


The Complete Cedar Cove Cowboys Series Books 1-6! Meet the irresistible Walker brothers! Lose yourself in the small-town charm of Cedar Cove and its strong-willed, sexy cowboys and the brilliant, sassy, curvy women who tame them.


BOOK 1: Music to My Heart

She left Cedar Cove and everyone who went with it behind. He will not let her walk out of his life for a second time.

Theo: Seven years is a long time, but not long enough, apparently, to extinguish a love like I harbored for Gray Walker. Seeing him again brought back every memory we shared, good and bad. Hearing him sing? There are no words for what his voice does to me. But I’m here for a job, one that could make or break my career. I have to stay professional. I can’t succumb to Gray’s charms, no matter how weak my knees get. The problem is, I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he strode back into my life.

Gray: It’s almost like magic. The song I sang with her in my heart brought Theo back to town. I never expected some fancy New York label to want me. Still, if negotiations mean keeping Theo here with me, I’ll be the most stubborn artist they’ve ever met. The longer I have to convince Theo I’ve never forgotten her, never stopped loving her, the better. Theo may think she should be in a shiny office in some big city, but I know she belongs here, with me. I just have to help her see.


BOOK 2: The Nature of Love – An Enemies to Lovers Contemporary Western Romance

It’s not that he scares me, but my electric reaction to the hunky cowboy and his brand-new attitude does.


BOOK 3: A Picture of You and Me – An Opposites Attract Contemporary Western Romance

Will she drive me out of this cottage, or could there be something more to her?


BOOK 4: Healing Her Heart – A Second Chances Contemporary Western Romance

Nash knows he can heal Stanley, but can he heal Bonnie’s heart, too?


BOOK 5: Finding a Way Home to You – A Virgin Age Gap Contemporary Western Romance

This is all so new to me, the bedroom included. But when I look at him, I wonder if I’ve found my way home.


BOOK 6: When We Bloom – A Love at First Sight Contemporary Western Romance

Savanna could be the one person who understands how much I love my hometown, but will I be able to keep my hands off her long enough to see if our relationship can truly bloom?

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