Catching You by Harper Michaels



I’m well aware that I’m different. As the only girl on my high school football team, I always stood out. I was accustomed to the teasing from the guys and the knowing smirks from the girls. As Crestwood University’s first female football kicker I expected to face some derision and adversity. I didn’t expect one of my biggest problems to be the crush I’m developing on the quarterback of the team…


Football is my life. I’m finally where I was always meant to be, captain and quarterback of the football team. Scouts are looking at me and I’m ready to make my mark. I never expected to literally be bowled over by a blonde spitfire who can kick the hell out of a football. There’s no way in hell I can let this girl make me deviate from my path. But when she faces danger, I know I need to be the one to save her.

The question is …who will be there to catch me when I fall?

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