Carter by Daniella Brodsky


A single parent, stuck-together, instalove short and steamy romance

My entire purpose was to come to this party and show him how strong I am.
He might have comforted me once in a moment of weakness.
But I’m not that shattered girl anymore.
I’m a single mom, strong as heck, who’s getting on with life.
And boy does it feel good when I saunter into the room in red sequins, with all eyes on me.
Carter can’t stop looking my way and I toss barbs at him like an expert.
Mission accomplished, right?
Sure, if it isn’t so blatantly obvious I read this all wrong.

He sees me, yes.
But that’s because there’s a connection between the two of us that I’m not sure I can allow myself to give into.
It would be easier to maintain my resolve if he didn’t fill out that gangster suit so ridiculously well.
Oh, but unfortunately for me, he so does.

Despite being a single dad whose life literally revolves around his 3.5 year-old daughter,
I can’t seem to shake the rep of being Party Boy’s Wingman.
Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

So when Mandy trusted me of all people in her moment of need,
Well, that had quite a profound effect on me.
Doesn’t hurt that she’s the sexiest, brightest, kindest person in any room.
And the truth is, I’ve had feelings for her even before that.
The way the air crackles between us, I’m pretty sure she feels the same.
But she needs time to heal.
And I’ve been honored to give it to her.
So when she shows up to the party with another guy?
Oh, gutted does not even begin to describe it.

Getting locked in a room with her?
Well, that’s more like it.

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