Carnival of Love by Sammi Starlight


Notting Hill is known for its romance. Yet, for Vanessa, it has failed to hit the mark.

She has great friends and a rewarding job, but the only men she meets are the doctors on her ward. One of them being her ex… Not great.

One gloriously sunny evening, at the famous Notting Hill Carnival, her graceful features find a way into a broken photographer’s heart. Unable to look away, Grayson keeps catching her on camera whenever he has the chance, even forcing encounters to occur. Their next coffee collision lands them at the feet of Vanessas’ ex, creating a wild lie to fly from her lips and incorporating Grayson as her fabricated boyfriend.

Two spellbound strangers quickly become partners in crime when Grayson agrees to continue the deception. Yet as their hidden passions get the better of them, they realise they might prefer the fantasy to their separate realities…Is their love a lie, or is it actually the truth?

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