Burned by Rebecca Wilder


This story starts with a funeral.

Sutton Tate’s whole life just got turned upside down. Her mom is dead, leaving behind nothing but an apartment full of memories and a letter with a bucket list of things she hopes Sutton will do in the next year. The first thing on the list? Spend the summer with a great-uncle that she’s never even heard about in the tiny town of Destiny Falls, Michigan.

She’s reluctant but it’s just going to be a few months. She’ll work at the Mystery Cabin, the tourist trap that her uncle owns, make a little bit of money and try to connect with the last bit of family that she has left on this earth.

Then she gets to Destiny Falls and it’s nothing like she expected.

Her uncle is keeping her on her toes, there is always something to do around the shop, and the Mystery Cabin’s handyman, Teller, just might be the man of her dreams. Throw in the sleazy mayor’s son and some new girlfriends, and Sutton just might have a summer that she’ll never forget.

When the summer is over, will Sutton give up her dream of a fancy job in a big city and her five year plan? Or will she have finally found the one thing that she can’t walk away from?

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