Brutal Protectors by Raven Blaire


Every inch of my body screams to be touched by my savagely hot Mafia captors.

They possess me and my body.

And I’m afraid my soul will be theirs too.

The Ferrari men are monsters that disturbingly get sick pleasure out of torturing people.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the most blood-curdling things

Things no girl should ever see.

Now I’m afraid I’ve seen too much.

Will they ever let me go?

Do I even want to leave?

But if I leave, I might never feel the heat of having those strong, brutal, muscular arms around me again.

Arms that took my body to places I didn’t even know I desired.

The strong connection between us is undeniable and addictive.

They’re messing with my head and they love it.

I want to run

I want to stay

I want them all…

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