Brook by Sadie King


A small town curvy girl romantic comedy.

Brook: I meet the hottest man I’ve ever seen, and I ugly cry on him. And when I say ugly cry, I mean the whole deal: streaky mascara, puffy eyes, and snot everywhere. Totally embarrassing. And confirmation that my life is officially a hot mess. I’ve inherited my mother’s dog hotel. The building needs repairs, we’re in debt, and my sisters have descended on the house leaving it a noisy, chaotic mess. Then along comes Owen, making me laugh and cry and tingle all over. But when I find out his secret, I’m devastated. I want nothing more to do with that lying, seductive, sexy scumbag.

Owen: When I leave my dog at the local kennels, I don’t expect to find the sweet and troubled Brook. She’s badly in need of someone to look after her, and I want that to be me. But I manage to mess things up big time, and now she thinks I’m a grade A a-hole. Can I make amends, or will her protective sisters run me out of town?

Five sisters, five short, steamy romance stories! The Taylor sisters have taken over the family business, but will they find strong men to take over their hearts?

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