Broken Throne Collection by Lisa Lovell


Welcome to the Broken Throne Box Set, a dark mafia romance series of heart-pounding suspense, blazing-hot bedroom scenes, and a twist that will leave your throat dry. Enjoy! x

Book 1 – Mob Boss’ Curvy Hostage

I walked into the arms of prince charming,
Only to learn that he’s the devil in disguise.
The best one-night stand ever has gone terribly wrong.
He was hungry for my body, I craved his touch.
The next day I was tied up and naked in front of him.
I walked into the devil’s lair.
And now, I’m bargaining for my life.

Book 2 – Mob Boss Forbidden Obsession

I’m in his debt.
My life is the payment.
He locked me up and took my freedom.
My body is his obsession, his bed is my prison.
I know he won’t let me go.
His enemies are after me and I wouldn’t last a minute out there.
But I have a surprise for him that will turn his life upside down.

Book 3 – Mob Boss’ Unexpected Bride

He is the king of his world,
And I am his prisoner queen.
What he doesn’t know is that he can’t keep me forever.
I’m pregnant with his child, but I cannot tell him.
His enemies will do anything to take away my baby.
The only way to survive is to run.
Somewhere afar, where nobody can find me.
Not even him.

Book 4 – Mob Boss’ Secret Baby

His enemies know well how to destroy me.
They are going to rip me open and steal my baby.
I ran from Ronnie because I had to.
But it wasn’t long before I walked into a cruel trap.
Nobody will hear me scream.
Except him.
And when he comes for me,
His rage will set the world on fire.

Book 5 – Mob Boss’ Ever After

The Mafia Prince has fallen.
And in my belly, I carry his legacy.
Maybe this is how it was always meant to end.
It’s just you and me now, my sweet child.
But there’s a sound, that just won’t go away.
The voice of your father, still haunting me.
“I love you both,” he whispers,
And he takes my hand as we silently walk,
Into the golden sunset.

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