Broken Promise by C. H. James


A weekend getaway, filled with curvy steam, changes everything for this English footballer.

James Hawkes: Being Britain’s newest football hero has its perks. By most people’s standards, I’m living the high life. I get paid to play the game that I love. Not only that, but it’s for one of the best soccer clubs in London; the best city in the world. But when I decide to take a weekend break to get some time to myself, never did I expect my sister’s plus-sized best friend to be shacking up at my luxurious beachside apartment. Victoria’s luscious curves had always done things to me that I couldn’t explain, but I’d sworn off her years ago, promising my sister I’d never go there. I can’t bear to see her so down in the dumps, and I make it my mission to make her believe she’s desirable, even to England’s favourite footballer. One kiss is all it takes, and one steamy night later, everything has changed. Now I have to face my sister and put it all on the line for love.

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