Broken Muses of Manderley Academy by Steffanie Holmes


He was my best friend. Now he’s determined to ruin me.
Not if I ruin him first.

I thought my career as a violinist was lost forever.
When I’m awarded a scholarship to Manderley Academy,
I have one last chance to make my mark.
Too bad my new beginning comes with strings attached.

Three cruel, depraved, and beautiful strings:
Titus – a monster on the cello, a demon between the sheets.
Ivan – the silent, terrifying violinist with the haunted gaze.
Dorien – the dark-eyed devil who once held me close,
And now wants to see me burn.

Rich. Arrogant. Cruel.
They won’t have the poor little charity case ruining their fun.
They’ve heard me play.
They know I’m a serious contender for the prestigious Manderley Prize.

These broken muses aren’t used to losing.
But I have one thing they don’t.

I have nothing left to lose.

Except…my life.

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