Bro Code Hell by Marika Ray


Living with my older brother’s best friend wasn’t even my worst idea lately.

Keeping it a secret from my brother was on the list too. Oh, and actually falling (literally) for Blaze Hellman—when every frown clearly said to stay away—was most definitely at the top of the list.

I was kind of a genius normally. I’d managed to graduate early and was about to open my own veterinary clinic in my home town of Hell. I clearly had my life together.

Until Blaze came back to town, moving slower than a sloth on crutches, more wounded emotionally than physically. We ended up bonding over stray dogs, exes from hell, and oddly enough, shared grief.

But helping him get his life back together could cost me my heart…and destroy his friendship with my brother. Will the heat between us create a situation that breaks all the bro codes?

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