Bride of Shadows by Rhea Watson


Cronus Society: a shadow organization operating in the grey between humanity and the secret supernatural world. To some, Cronus is a monster. To others, it’s the only defense against a paranormal apocalypse.

All my life, I just wanted to be normal.

Not sick. Not broken.


And I tried my best. No matter how crappy I feel, I’ve always been an expert at grin real wide and bear it. I landed my first job at Cronus thanks to a stellar GPA, not Dad’s rank within the organization. I did the grunt work, paid my dues, and never, ever complained.

Three years later, I earned my spot in the intake department, processing all things supernatural when they arrive at headquarters. These days, I love my job. I’m good. Respected. Unflappable, even.

Then three shades fall in my lap.

Arawn, Draco, and Balor…

They gleefully terrorize other intake officers from their containment cells, but when I go in alone, they purr like kittens. One word and these monsters become men so hauntingly beautiful, so dark and deadly, and so, so irresistible it hurts.

They claim to know me.

They claim to love me.

But demons lie. I don’t buy it for a second—

Until they kidnap me and drag me into the shadows, hellbent on proving that the worst lie of all… is the one I’ve been living.

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