Bride for the Tribal Chief by Jo Grafford


A mail-order bride who desperately needs the protection of a husband, a tribal chief who thinks he’s the perfect solution to all her troubles, and the lineup of hopeful rivals who plan to give him a run for his money… Chief Pecos is far from thrilled by the sudden influx of new settlers to Christmas Mountain. He prefers things to continue as they’ve been for centuries with his tribe, taming and riding the mustang herds that roam the foothills. Until a mail-order bride steps off the train with a price on her lovely head… All of a sudden, he can think of one good exception to the way things have always been. Meg Chastain actually has more than one price on her head — first, a bounty for a crime she didn’t commit; and, secondly, a bridal contract fee that her penny-pinching matchmaker keeps raising. Oh, and she’s fairly certain her new employers at the Christmas Mountain Inn are pressuring the bridal agency to delay her placement, since their customers have never been happier with the meals she so graciously stirs up each day. With a group of bounty hunters closing in, a whole line of hopeful grooms vying for her hand in marriage, and one dark and handsome tribal chief who seems to be silently courting her during his daily visits to the inn, will Meg succeed in finding her perfect match before it’s too late?

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Clean & Sweet Romance

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