Bred by the Bratva by Penelope Wylde


He saved me, protected me. Now the mafia man wants to collect on the debt.
It’s not his miles of suntanned muscles and irresistible smolder that has me dying to say yes. It’s the fact I wear my heart on my sleeve and this man knows how to wield blackmail like the weapon it is.

His exact words were: “I return you to the people wanting to give you a watery grave or you can have the best time of your life giving me an heir.”

Hard choices.

But then he swiftly follows that up with a promise to find me if I try to run and my fate is sealed. Or is it?

After a single night of discovering his touch possesses enough heat to strip off my bikini bottoms, I slip away.

I thought I’d never seen him again so no problem, right?

I am about to learn just how wrong I am.

When he shows up with dangerous heat in his eyes I instantly know two things. He did more damage to my heart than I thought and he keeps his promises.

Well, three. I’m going to learn how far he’ll go to get what he wants.

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