Breathing fire by Alexi Ferreira


Ragor: As one of the Royal Dragon’s and a being to be reckoned with, I rule by example. Even though we live among the humans and our powers are limited, we are still a force of nature that most fear. That is, everyone but Lua. The minute our eyes clash I realize my error in thinking that I would never be defeated, this petite human blows into my life like a hurricane, bringing me to my knees.

Lua: Just because he is feared by all for being one of the most notorious underworld crime lords, doesnt mean I will fall at his feet. I have lived my whole life among men that rule with force, I have learnt to stand up to them. Ragor might be different, his very presence overpowers those around him, I wish I could say he didn’t affect me, but I will not bend, I will stand firm and rule his Dragon heart. Can a human concur a forged curse?

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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