Break Every Rule by Serena James Chase


He has all the money in the world, but it’s not enough to buy what he really wants. Her love.

Alan Mitchell is used to getting what he wants. Except with his ex-fiancée. And sadly, he can’t avoid her much longer. He will not face her alone, though. When they meet again, he’ll have the perfect woman on his arm. Hiring an escort was all part of the plan. He just never anticipated how complicated everything would get when he started having very real feelings for his fake girlfriend…


Brianna Walsh has a plan, too. She’ll continue working as a high-priced escort as long as it suits her, then she’ll retire and settle down with her loving boyfriend to live a nice, peaceful life. In the meantime, she’ll happily play the part of the sexy billionaire’s girlfriend. After all, it’s her job. But she won’t fall for him. Or so she keeps telling herself…


A contract ties them together, but their ever-growing feelings tempt them to break every rule. And right now, only one thing is certain.


Their lives will never be the same…

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