Bound in Blood by Jessica Marting


Without any prospects or suitors, Elora Stone has been reduced to robbing her late uncle’s country home of its valuables to support herself. It should have been a quick journey to gather the silverware and pawn it, until her theft is interrupted by the vampire who has taken up residence in the abandoned house.

Ben Lang knows exactly what kind of vampire he is: a terrible one. It’s been over a year since he was turned and he still can’t glamour humans, let alone the beautiful one who broke into his new home. When he tries to use the charm that got him through his human life, Elora can see through that, too, right into his lonely soul.

But blood is shed when one of Ben’s vampire acquaintances turns up and tries to take Elora for himself. With a nest of vengeful bloodsuckers after them, Ben and Elora have no choice other than to escape together and keep them off their trails.

As it turns out, running for one’s life is a lot easier to do when you’re not fighting an attraction, too…

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