Bound By Sin by Sky McCoy


“I see the way Brooke has been eyeing me. Since he’s joined the Wounded Inked motorcycle club, he hasn’t said a word, but his eyes follow me when I hike my leg to get on my bike, and when I’m sitting talking to one of the guys. Morgan says he’s off limits, because Brooke is his best friend, and although I had a crush on him in my teens and early twenties, I think I got over him when I reached twenty-five. He never showed me the least bit of interest when we were growing up, and I wonder why all the interest now?”

“It’s hard being a gay man and trying to find the love of your life. I missed all the cues with Logan and now that I want to approach him, I’m afraid, because he’s too cocky, too into himself, and at his age and his sex appeal where all the men in this MC club, straight and gay, are hoping to claim his attention, not to mention claim him as their own. I wonder if it’s too late for me?”

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