Boss of the Secret Wolf by Serena Meadows


I loved uncovering secrets – it’s what I did for a living.
But little did I know that I’d discover the biggest secret about the man I’m in love with.

It started off terribly with Adam.

After my beloved uncle’s death, I had to move to the small town of Pleasant Valley.
As it turned out, Adam was the chief editor of the newspaper I’d inherited.
I hated him – a fight was inevitable.

But I had bigger problems in my life than hating on a man that I was insanely attracted to.

I’d exposed a bunch of bad men at my previous job, which meant that I was in danger — a crazy amount of danger.
Adam was the only one I could turn to.
He vowed to keep me safe, to save my life no matter what.

But in the process, I would have to endure the truth about who he really was.
And solve another mystery about my uncle’s death.
Was I ready for it all?

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