Booked for the Summer by Monica Misho-Grems


She needs to finish her book. He needs to balance his out.

Maddie, a budding romance author – whose first book made the whole author thing seem easy – is stuck. The words won’t come to her, and the page remains empty after months. With a pushy ex-boyfriend for an agent, Maddie feels the pressure as her new deadline quickly approaches. Having run out of ideas to get over her writer’s block, Maddie books a summer stay at a cute, quaint, little ranch on the Oregon coast. Positive that a change of scenery will do the trick, she sets off to do the one thing she’d never expected to do: become the protagonist in her own romance novel.

Lifelong rancher Jason Harper is struggling to keep his family’s ranch afloat. With the livestock industry hitting a rough patch, he is forced to dip his toes into another industry he knows very little about. With one final hail mary to save the generations’ worth of Harper blood, sweat, and tears, Jason decides to rent out his ranch for the summer, with hopes that Seaside’s thriving tourist industry can keep him on his feet. He had no idea that this decision would lead to everything he needed…and more.

Can these two desperate strangers find the help they’ve been in dire need of? Or will the sparks of a summer romance cause everything they’re working towards to crumble into the sea?

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