Bolt by Milly Taiden


Kara Lailer is the one.
The one woman who can melt the stripes on my tiger.
She’s got a body that makes me bolt upright.
Kara’s very competitive. Always wanting to do things herself.
My beauty wants to make the world a better place.
And she’ll put herself in danger to do it.
She’s the kind that needs protection from people like me.
I’m not a good person.

Sure, I have a moral code.
I never hurt women, children, or innocents.
But I love hurting bad guys.
And when they’re after Kara, I love killing them.
Why? She’s my mate.

The government sent me to find and protect her.
She’s on a treasure hunt and it’s my job to see she succeeds.
But when she shows me the power she’s uncovered,
I don’t know if I can make her give it up.
If I don’t take it from her, I’m going back to prison.
If I do, she’ll hate me forever.
So…who am I going to betray?

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