Bold by Amber Moore



All my life, I never bothered to put in extra effort for things I considered trivial, such as my love life. Being one of the filthy rich members of the Rodericks household, I had women throwing themselves at me, but I wasn’t interested in any of them. I never expected to get entangled with Yvonne Matterson, but fate had other ideas. She was the woman I met on a rainy day, the woman who left her scent on my pillows, the woman I was finally ready to take a chance with—Yvonne Matterson had stolen my heart.


After a thousand heart breaks, I met the breathtaking Teddy Roderick. It began with a friendly competition over a cab on a cold day and spun to a more intense encounter in a bar. I wanted nothing more than to guard my heart, just play it safe, but my will power would be put to test. I was undeniably drawn to him, but I was certain that happy endings didn’t exist for me.

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