Body Check by Danielle F Wright


Dawson: Meeting Kayla the first time knocked the wind out of me like a Body Check on the ice. Knowing she belonged to someone else was the second hit. I felt a connection with her right away, but since I couldn’t have her, I settled for being her friend. That was better than nothing, and to be honest, it was all I could offer her. It wasn’t like I was going to get a chance to stick around. I would get traded just like I did every season. Only this time it would hurt. The Miners weren’t just a hockey team, they were a family, the thing I had been looking for since mine was ripped away from me in the middle of the night.

Kayla: I should have been devastated. The man I shared my life with wasn’t who I thought he was, however the second I was on the back of Dawson’s bike I felt something I always longed for. With my arms wrapped around him, I felt safe. Letting go of the past was easy, it was not getting my hopes up for a future that we both said we couldn’t have that was hard. But as the days passed, and our agreement of no feelings continued to unravel, I was left hoping we could make a future work, even though he didn’t know what the future of his career looked like. It wasn’t until his past and our future came into play that I had to ask,
Could we both avoid another Body Check and maybe on this play score a goal?

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Contemporary Romance

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